AMI 021
Black Taj
s/t CD

Back to the Bridges / Cinema Style / Clover / Self Soothing / Roots /
Octastone / Beyonder / Red Jr. / Woke Up Tired

"Clover" from self-titled CD


Black Taj's debut album re-introduces the guitar work of Idyll Swords-band mates Dave Brylawski (formerly of Polvo) and Grant Tennille, as well as the rhythmically punctuated bass playing of Steve Popson (also formerly of Polvo). The record was recorded over the course of the last year with various sets of ears behind the board, including Ash Bowie (Polvo / Libraness) and SuperQuanic Studio builder and Cherry Valence member Brian Quast.

While the musicians in Black Taj have previously explored various permutations of rock--Eastern-inflected folk, psychedelic, punk, 90s angularity--Black Taj returns its sound to Rock's center. With the solid drum work of Tom Atherton, Black Taj's riffage gestures towards the expansive and cone-rattling string sorcery of the sixties and seventies.