AMI 024
P.G. Six
Music For The Sherman Box Series and Other Works CD

#1 for Wire-Strung Harp with Echo / #2 for Prepared Wire-Strung Harp with Tremolo Pedal / #3 for Bray Harp / #4 for 2 Wire-Strung Harps / #5 for 2 Bray Harps / #6 for Wire-Strung Harp with Slide / #7 for Bray Harp with Echo and Flanged Reverb / The Book of Rayguns for 6 Electric Guitars / Cartographies for Piano and Electronics

#3 for Bray Harp


The Sherman Box Series originated as part of an exhibition by visual artist Christine Krol at Abaton Gallery, Jersey City, NJ that ran from August through September 2005. The work in this show was selected from Krol's ongoing series of collages constructed out of Nat Sherman cigarette boxes, as well as small paintings on wood panels. In his contribution to the exhibition, Pat Gubler contributed seven pieces consisting primarily of folk harp and electronic processing played on a loop within the space of the gallery. These pieces explore the sonic possibilities of the wire-strung harp and its long sustaining tones, as well as the bray harp's sitar-like buzzing. But unlike his previous song-based releases, Music for the Sherman Box Series and other works exclusively showcases P.G. Six's training in modern composition, especially his unique blending of twentieth-century minimalism and more traditional folk-techniques.

In addition to the work Pat composed in conjunction with Krol's pieces, this CD also includes "The Book of Rayguns" which marked P.G. Six's solo-debut, a piece for six electric guitars that dates from 1994 and which was originally released as a seven-inch single on the Tower Recordings' imprint, Superlux Records in 1995. This piece and the album's final selection, "Cartographies for Piano," are a result of Pat's studies with composer Dary John Mizelle at SUNY Purchase in the early 90s.